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MyScreen Protector

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MyScreen means the freedom to use your phone securely wherever you are, whatever you do. MyScreen is a durable, durable, comfortable solution that provides effective protection for your device even in extreme conditions, without the risk of breakage, damage or contamination. Discover MyScreen and enjoy life to the fullest!

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1990 was the year when mobile phones weighed about 1 kg and cost a fortune. They had a small display that needed no protection.

In the same year, the company was founded, which a few years later understood the important need of phone users and responded to it, which was the beginning of its success.

This company is LAMEL, which today is a leading European manufacturer of screen and surface protection for electronic devices. And its founder and leader to this day is Andrzej Leszczyński.

What is CUT&USE?

We offer you a cutting device with a control panel and application materials. Thanks to it, you can cut protection for any model available in the outline database from a universal size material. You offer your client various protection options: materials for the screen and the entire housing along with the application service.

Reports and analytics in a special management system.

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