Expand your brand with us in the CEE region

We understand the effect a great brand story can have with its audience, so we developed a market strategy that, with the right adaptation, creates an enjoyable experience for consumers and a strong market presence for our partners.

Our Partners and Brands

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We are Not Just Boxmovers. We Understand your business and help to Improve it.

We select carefully what brands we wish to co-operate with through a thorough analysis of the category’s situation on the markets the brand is working on.

  • 20+ years of market leading experience
  • Reach over 95+ million consumers in the CEE region

What We Offer

Get the most out of your products in the CEE region!

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    True Value-Added-Distribution

    We are not just boxmovers. We understand the value of your brand and the importance of pro- and re-active communication. We are continously working to help improve your brand’s market potential with feedbacks and ideas.

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    We have a proven track record of how efficient our go-to-market strategy works for our distributed brands. With it we can ensure our brands can develop in the countries we operate in.

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    Regional Sales Network

    We reach 97,4 million consumers in the CEE region through our extended sales nework convering 7 countries.

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    Alongside commercials we create the right personalised marketing strategy to help meet sales expectations. To implement the strategy we have many tools at our disposal such as Event marketing, PR campaigns, localized social media management…

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Why Choose Us?

We have over 10 years experience in gaming distribution and
over 20 years in mobile phone accessory distribution.

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We Honor Your Brand

We embrace and respect the values of your brand

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Dynamic Market Adaptation

We quickly adapt to the ever-changing market enviroment, so your brand can be successful in every situation

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Market Reach

We can help you reach neary 100 million potential customers

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