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We believe in our vision of the future and how it will help us all live better!

Devia is a company that has always been dedicated to one thing: quality products. We believe that the best way to serve our customers is by offering them the highest quality accessories available, and we are committed to doing just that.

We have always been motivated by a vision of the future: what would be possible if we were able to create accessories more advanced than any other product? What if we could improve existing products and make them better than ever? Deep down we knew it was possible, and since then we have worked hard every day to bring our vision to life.

Our dedication means a lot: that's why we only use the best materials and work with the best manufacturers, to ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards. But it also means something more: it means you can trust us when it comes time to choosing your accessories for your devices.

DEVIA is a leading brand for 3C digital accessories under S&T Group. It has been devoted to colorful, innovative, practical, and changeable design style since it was established in 2008.

DEVIA covers all accessories related with 3C digital gadgets, like mobile phone case, tempered glass screen protector, data cable, power bank, wireless charger, headset, and various car accessories. All products come from a team of well-known Korean designers, masters of combining the vividness of Oriental color and thickness of Western ink. Like the rainbow over the sky, DEVIA makes your life colorful.

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Mobile Accessory


Welcome to Juice!

Our Mantra: People never remember what you say only how you make them feel. The philosophy at Juice is to make people feel amazing, this all begins with our employees spreading out to our retail partners and ending with the consumer!

We are on a mission to be a totally carbon neutral company, from the Juice HQ being powered by wind farms through to our product & packaging being made from 100% recycled materials (so 100% recyclable), we are passionate about creating a waste-free world and doing business that doesn't cost the earth.

We strive to provide consumers with the latest tech products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on centring design & quality in all that we do. We bring boldness & energy to our products making us a brand that consumers buy because they WANT them, not just because they NEED to.

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Mobile Accessory

MyScreen Protector

Discover better protection

MyScreen means the freedom to use your phone securely wherever you are, whatever you do. MyScreen is a durable, durable, comfortable solution that provides effective protection for your device even in extreme conditions, without the risk of breakage, damage or contamination. Discover MyScreen and enjoy life to the fullest!

Our Values



High Quality


1990 was the year when mobile phones weighed about 1 kg and cost a fortune. They had a small display that needed no protection.

In the same year, the company was founded, which a few years later understood the important need of phone users and responded to it, which was the beginning of its success.

This company is LAMEL, which today is a leading European manufacturer of screen and surface protection for electronic devices. And its founder and leader to this day is Andrzej Leszczyński.

What is CUT&USE?

We offer you a cutting device with a control panel and application materials. Thanks to it, you can cut protection for any model available in the outline database from a universal size material. You offer your client various protection options: materials for the screen and the entire housing along with the application service.

Reports and analytics in a special management system.

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