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Hyperkin is a gaming hardware development company, specializing in consoles and accessories for multiple generations of gamers. Hyperkin's products also provide convenient and comfortable solutions for a wide array of home entertainment. Hyperkin leads the way in the retro and modern entertainment industry with unique, fun, and innovative items, including the RetroN console series and the handheld SupaBoy series. Hyperkin has recently entered the VR world, being the first to enter the market with protective skins and collaborating with HTC Vive to create the Hyper Blaster. Founded in 2006, Hyperkin's headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

It's our mission to not only create and improve technology that speaks to our customers' pasts, but also their futures. We do so in a relaxed and cooperative environment. We work well, so you can play well. When you play well, you live well.

Armor3 and Cirka brands are also trademarks of Hyperkin, Inc. both aiming for their different target audiances in the console gaming market.

Armor3’s primary mission is to satisfy the ever-changing video game industry with innovative and creative solutions for video game peripherals. We pledge to provide and develop a high standard of product quality. We are committed to inspiring new experiences and joy in all gamers around the world.

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