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Who are we?

LED Sound brand was born in 2014 and our name originates from the first line of products bearing the brand name, which were water dancing speakers. Shortly after the success in the audio market in Hungary, LED Sound Ltd. was established in 2016.

From 2017 our company started taking on well established European accessory brands’ distribution.

Our Company’s mission is to support the distributed brands to the full extent, delivering true Value-Added-Distribution. We pride ourselves not being part of the many box moving distributors with our efficient Retail Sales Team and Marketing department taking care of our brands not just in Hungary, but in other countries in the CEE region.

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Our Timeline

Exploring Milestones: A Journey Through Our History

  • 01


    The start of something exciting, the LED Sound brand was born!

  • 02


    LED Sound changes its corporate structure and becomes LED Sound Ltd.

  • 03


    We venture to new markets, gaming accessory distribution begins! We have officially partnered with Venom!

  • 04


    Regional expansion starts, now we are also in the Polish market!

  • 05


    Regional distribution network gets established! (HU, PL, SK, CZ, RO, BG, MD)

  • 06


    New cooperation! We are happy to be partners of KONIX Interactive!

  • 07


    Mobile accessory distribution / Dreamgear distribution begins!

  • 08


    Expanding our product range. From 2024 a new category can be found in our catalouge: Audio!

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Retail Partners

Why Choose Us?

We have over 10 years experience in gaming distribution andover 20 years in mobile phone accessory distribution.

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We Honor Your Brand

We embrace and respect the values of your brand

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Dynamic Market Adaptation

We quickly adapt to the ever-changing market enviroment, so your brand can be successful in every situation

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Market Reach

We can help you reach neary 100 million potential customers

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